Brothers Hindi Movie Review

An emotion filled drama is what you see right through the first half. The thrills and fights are all reserved for the latter half that has everything you expect from a film of this genre. Only thing that makes you disappointed is that you get a feel of orchestration of matches so that in the end, the two protagonist brothers in the film have a head to head blood against blood fight.
Gary Fernandez an ex fighter returns from jail and finds that his family is now in disarray. He train his son Monty for a martial arts competition but on the other side is Monty's older brother David. The two should fight each other and the film basically show how the brothers reached such a situation and how the big event culminate.
Karan Malhothra directed Brothers is a movie with lots of thrills and well choreographed stunt sequences in the backdrop of street fights and Right to Fight (RTF) competition but too much focus on the emotional aspects and relationships do spoil the mood in the first half taking time to settle down to what the business is all about.
No doubt the film is gripping and is highly entertaining but a twenty minutes trimming was badly needed especially the extended and stretched first half. Still the performances and action makes Brothers an above average watchable film which is a remake of Hollywood film Warrior.
Performances has definitely helped and the best one of the lot is Jackie Shroff. Right from the opening scene where he is released from jail and continuing throughout till the end, the actor has delivered a steady and consistent performance. Not much to choose between Akshay and Sidharth as both the actors matched each other and have put in best efforts. In the action sequences too, both the actors lived up to our expectation.
Jacqueline Fernandez was okay as the better half of David. Ashutosh Rana and Shefali Shah were notable with their supporting roles. The two child artists portraying the younger days of Akshay and Sidharth were nice on screen. Kareena's item number was just about okay.
The film is backed by good cinematography and nice background score to create the perfect mood for the situation.
It could have been better but still the thrills and excitement of the first half and the emotional drama of the initial part makes you put a positive feedback for Brothers which I will rate three out of five.
Rating - 3 / 5

Mission Impossible :Rogue Nation Review

He is back with the fifth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. Tom Cruise return is spectacular fashion in MI 5 : Rogue Nation. Though he is fifty three years old,he still has it in him to continue the series.
The film is what we all expect from a Mission Impossible franchise. So what we have experienced in all the previous four parts, you can expect the same level of entertainment and enjoyment in the form of action, chases, suspense and of course gadgets. The best part is of course Tom Cruise as Ethen Hunt, the agent of IMF (Impossible Mission Force) as the guy shows the same level of intensity and energy that we saw him in the very first part of MI series.
The plot continue from Ghost Protocol where the CIA led by its chief is desperate to disband the IMF accusing them of irresponsibility in their operations. A senate is held to discuss whether IMF needs to be carried forward. Now it is upto Hunt and his small team to prove CIA that their perceptions about IMF are wrong. Rest of story focus on Ethen Hunt and his team to establish the presence of a bigger and deadly organisation called the Syndicate in the terrror network.
Directed by Christopher McQuairre, the film as I said has everything one would expect from the franchise. Humour and witty dialogues also plays a big part and even the final moments after the climax has some amount of jokes to make us laugh.
Couple of twist is added to make things more exciting and suspense is maintained especially in some of the characters and the way there presence in some critical junctures of the movie are shown. All credits to some fine writing and of course good direction.
The film begins from an edge of the seat plane ride for Ethen where Tom Cruise has himself performed this stunt without any use of CGI and dupe is worth mentioning. Bike chase towards the latter part of the movie is another action packed moment to make us pumped up.
Cannot imagine another actor now in the shoes of Ethen Hunt. Tom Cruise is at his best even though age is fast catching up with him. Rebecca Fergusson impressed very much. Be it action, beauty and even in those sexy shots with her charm and looks. Simon Pegg was humorous. Jeremy Renner and rest of the crew were also fine in their respective roles. The villain in my view was not that menacing and a match for Ethen.
So, the film provide the right dose of thrill with every element a MI follower would want. Aided by a fast and engaging screenplay, Mission Impossible :Rogue Nation is the perfect choice for your weekend entertainment. I am going with four out of five for MI 5.
Rating - 4 / 5