Love 24 × 7 Malayalam Movie Review

To be successful in ones life be it in their professional, personal or family life one needs to take the right decision at the right time. If we fail to react and make a decision, we will regret it later. Seems the movie Love 24 × 7 want to convey something like this. We have one more lady director in Mollywood. Sreebala K Menon who was a long time associate with Sathyan Anthikad starts her career as an independent director through Love 24 ×7 with Dileep in the lead role.
So after Chandrettan Evideya we have one more movie from the actor without any of the slapstick humour. Set in the backdrop of visual media, the film try to explore love and relationships at a pace of its own. Nothing much happen in the film that promise much initially.
Roopesh Nambiar is a celebrity presenter with an established channel. Kabini who joins the channel as a news reader start a relationship that leads the two at the crossroads where they need to take an all important decision of their life.
To establish the fact that they need to wisely take a decision affecting their personal and professional life, a parallel story is shown where an elderly people, two senior doctors who were classmates when they did their medical studies meet again after years and after having separate families of their own.
The story half way through leave the main plot somewhere and go behind the sub-plot that doesn't do any good for the film. Some internal politics happening in the visual media and also the channel were Roopesh and Kabani work are also shown. But none of the three portions gets a completion except may be the story of Suhasini and Sasikumar.
Direction from Sreebala K Menon is notable especially being a newcomer in this area she showed glimpses of the talent she possess but her writing didn't reach a level that could take the film to another level. May be she wanted to narrate her story in this way but a certain level of liveliness in the script was required to keep the audience engaged throughout that did not happen.
On the acting side, one could see a controlled and restrained Dileep just like we saw in his previous film. He acted as per the demands of the character and the selection of this role is not a bad one in my view. Nikhila Vimal is the female lead who was okay as Kabani. Sreenivasan, Suhasini and Sasikumar are the supporting actors along with Lena, Sudheer Kopa and also Shankar Ramakrishnan in a cameo.
Good cinematography and a neatly edited film with perfect background score from Bijipal whose songs didn't impress me much. Overall, with the snail paced narrative and few incomplete areas explored makes Love 24 × 7 an average watch. Not disappointing but nothing exciting as well. The rating is two and a half out of five and expecting more from Sreebala as a writer and director.
Rating - 2.5 / 5

Maari Tamil Movie Review

The only saving grace in the film is Dhanush with his stylish looks and attire and above all his heroism in a larger than life character. He tries his best to infuse maximum energy into Maari but cannot save the film from sinking.
Balaji Mohan direct this film where Dhanush appear in the title protagonist role of Maari, a local goonda with a good heart. Sadly the film for a neutral audience it will be a disappointment and nothing else. Now for hardcore fans of the actor, Balaji Mohan has infused lot of punch dialogues, slow motion scenes helped by Anirudh's high octane and energy filled background score.
The film set in the backdrop of pigeon racing has Maari who is a local goon. A new police officer Arjun takes charge of the area and start digging into a murder that happened few years back as part of collecting evidence to put Maari under the bars. A local rivalry with another goon of the area and the cliched romance for our heroine for the hero are also part of the story.
Maari may cater to a select class of audience mainly fans of Dhanush and is primarily a movie made with a target viewers in mind. But for others there is nothing that makes you exciting except watching the heroics of the protagonist for a major part of the film.
Dhanush does what all he can in the best possible way to suit a larger than life goonda with all of those looks and colourful local attire.
Kajol Aggarwal has to play the traditional and cliched heroine who has to first show hatred and anger for the hero first and later fall in love with him. Vijay Yesudas makes his big screen debut as a police officer and he has not made it look bad on screen. But the writing was a bit half baked for that character. Robo Shankar as Maari's right hand was able to impress and make a good impact while rest of the actors were just okay.
Best part after Dhanush was Anirudh's rocking BGM that gave the character of Dhanush a big push. Cinematography was also on the brighter side. Some trimming was badly needed on the editing table.
I think Magic Frames and Listin Stephen has got it somewhat wrong in the selection of the script as Maari disappoints. As a die hard fan of Dhanush, you can watch it for his heroics or else I think you can very well give it a skip. The rating is two out of five.
Rating - 2 / 5