BABY hindi movie Review

There is a dialogue in this movie where the main antagonist Maulana Mohammed (based on Pakistani terrorist group LET chief) says "India kuch nahi karega. Woh sirf Bateh karega aur uspay rawthay rahega" (India would not do anything, they just talk and cry). Perhaps for the people who ruled and those who are ruling our country, these words should be an eye opener to show our real power and what we are capable of instead of taking a soft stand taken all these years when it comes to terrorist attacks on us.

Leaving the political angle and diplomatic side away, Baby is an edge of the seat thriller narrated at a very fast pace. He is raising his own standard after each film of him that passes by. I am talking about Neeraj Pandey, the man who directed A Wednesday , Special 26 and now BABY.

Ajay (Akshay Kumar) is an agent of an undercover Intelligence wing to combat and thwart terrorist attacks in India. The group is in its initial stage and is code named BABY headed by Feroz Ali Khan. (Dany Denzongpa). Ajay who is a highly skilled commando travels from India to Turkey to Nepal and finally to the Gulf to nab terrorists and spoil any attempt by them to attack our country. The film basically cover the group's attempt in chasing Bilal (Kay Kay Menon) and Maulana Mohammed to ensure peace in India.

The first half moves at a steady pace setting up for an intriguing post intermission session filled with high octane action and chase sequences making Baby a well executed thriller. Neeraj Pandey continues his success run with another impressive work that gives little time to think but some scenes like how Bilal escapes from police vehicle after his trial in court could have been handled more maturely.

Akshay Kumar is the best choice as Ajay both in terms of acting as well as performing those stunts with ease. Danny Denzongpa as Feroz Ali Khan was okay in his role. Rana Daggubati with his macho looks perfectly suited the character but in terms of performance, he had little scope to do anything in Baby. Taapsee Pannu stole the show in an action sequence while Anupam Kher was apt as one of the agent and used effectively in filling up the humour side. Kay Kay Menon deserved more screen space while Pakistani actor Rasheed Naz was a surprise package as Maulana Mohammed and he was quite good making his presence felt right from the start till the very end.

Nice cinematography, good colour tone, impressive background score and well choreographed action sequences on the technical aspects elevates the film to the next level. Songs have no major presence in the film. So overall BABY from Neeraj Pandey qualify the box office test with distinction. This thriller is very much engaging and I am giving three and a half out of five as my personal rating.

Rating - 3.5 / 5

Rasam Malayalam Movie Review

Rasam is a very tasty and spicy soup we Keralites are so fond of. But the same thing cannot be said about RASAM the movie directed by Rajeevnath. Here is a best case of sloppy direction, an unfinished screenplay and a weak storyline that literally makes the film a boring affair. Even the presence of Mohanlal in an extended cameo but in a pivotal role and Indrajith could not save the film from this state.

Valliyottu Thirumeni played by Nedumudi Venu is a famous caterer of traditional Sadya and Balu is his son who is not that keen in taking up and following in his father's footsteps. The family gets an order for a marriage of Menon (Devan), a famous businessman Menon but they had to travel to Qatar to complete the order as the marriage is to take place there. Thirumeni who was reluctant to take this order had to ultimately change his mind as none other than Mohanlal appearing as himself personally comes to invite him due to the actor's proximity with Menon. The incidents that unfold at Doha form rest of the storyline.

The scripting credited with the director himself and also Nedumudi Venu it seems was not a completed one as on many occasions the movie gave a feel of incompleteness.
The makers tried it to make a traditional film with all that tharavaadu, catering, sadya and foody background but the lack of a solid screenplay for the half baked story that never looked to settle down at any stage acts as the major spoilers.

The posters, trailer and all the promotional work showed Mohanlal more than anyone else. Quite naturally thats on expected lines as the producers might be expecting to cash in on his image. The actual fact is its just an extended cameo but the character do have prominence in the overall storyline. Indrajith didn't looked that comfortable and was found confused and uneasy on many occasions. Nedumudi Venu, Devan, Nandu, Jagadeesh and a long list of unfamiliar actors are there as supporting actors.

Technically the film is weak with many areas not contributing to the expected level starting from direction and scripting. Overall, with a great actor and a good upcoming actor on his side, Rajeevnath could not do anything and end up making an uninspiring and poorly executed work. I am going with a generous two out of five as my rating for Rasam.

Rating - 2 / 5