Ek Paheli Leela Hindi Movie Review

A much improved Sunny Leone as far as acting is concerned, music (though songs are in overdose) and a twist in the tale at the fag end are the only saving grace in an otherwise lacklustre film Ek Paheli Leela directed by Bobby Khan. The story had some thrilling feel and promised a spark but too much of untimely songs close to a dozen that appear at every five or ten minutes spoil the mood. Ultimately the film is in a sinking mood that gets a little life at the climax but that doesn't change the outcome of the movie.
The plot is reincarnation of Leela into the present world as Meera who is a super model based in London. She travel to India for a modelling assignment and the story is set in Rajasthan where Meera meets a Royal Prince and marry him. Then we have Karan, a musician who is having a dream every night that connects with the heroine. Rest of the plot try to show the connection between Meera and Leela through the reincarnation.
Story and the content has some solidity to it but much of the dialogues were artificial giving a sort of irritating feel spoiling the entertainment. Also majority of the dialogues had a sexual tone to it that after a point it becomes unbearable.
Bobby Khan has exploited the presence of Sunny Leone the best he can from a censoring perspective but beyond a point, the prime focus of the movie is lost that tilt the plot to a mere skin show of the former porn star. What could have been presented in a two hour running time is stretched and the chief architect of this is the presence of too many songs. The film runs through the present and travail to the past testing the patience level especially the second half but I should say the ending was somewhat okay.
Not much was expected from Sunny Leone on the acting side as the actress is followed by many for something else. But she has improved quite a lot. Seduction, lust, dancing, emoting and dialogue delivery, she was upto the task and didn't make it bad. Not much familiar with the rest of the actors except Rahul Dev who did a decent job as the sculptor Bhairav.
Songs are mostly recreated ones and as i said too much of them timed wrongly made a bitter feel but even then music is one of the majpr pluspoint of this movie. Cinematography was nice while editing could have been better.
Overall, Ek Paheli Leela is a shoddy piece of work from debutant Bobby Khan that try to cash in on the Leone factor but the end result is poor. My rating is one and a half out of five.
Rating - 1.5 / 5


Guaranteed unlimited fun for the kids is Home, the animated movie coming from the creators of Dragons and Croods. The film from an animation movie perspective serves it purpose of entertaining kids and at the same time offer a pleasing experience for matured audiences as well.
Directed by Tim Johnson for Dreamworks Animation, Home is colourful and funny but in terms of freshness the film has nothing in it and is a passable one for a one time watch for the younger lots.
The story revolves around an alien group called Boov living a peaceful life. But they are frequently chased by the Gorgs. They relocate to Planet Earth to escape from the Gorgs but their relocation plan do not go as they thought since they are again chased by Gorgs here in Earth also.
Animation is not brilliant but acceptable. Whoever has lent their voices to the various animated characters have done their job well. Background score was good and also the songs have also been tuned well.
Overall, a one time watchable above average movie is Home and will definitely be passable for the audience who are targeted and they are the kids. Accompanying parents too will not find it disappointing either. My rating is three out of five.
Rating - 3 / 5