FOCUS Movie review

"NEVER LOSE FOCUS". That's one of the tag line of the latest movie from Will Smith and the makers have tried their best to make sure the audience too never loose focus and interest on what's happening on screen. FOCUS written and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa is an interesting con film with lots of uninterrupted fun and entertainment to provide. With quite a few surprises and twists happening to keep one engaged, Focus is a good entertainer and passes the litmus test to book a seat among movies that are classified under the "One time watchable" stuffs.
The film revolves around an expert conman Nicky played by Will Smith. He meets Jess who has the talent to con people but is not experienced enough to make it big. Nicky teach her the nuances of his "profession" but at a certain juncture, the duo had to split and meet later during a con operation. Their past romantic life becomes a thorn in the current operation and how the duo could overcome it and make this work successful is what rest of the movie try to show.
The film is good enough with smart dialogues especially one liners spoken by Smith's character. Also the suspense and twists at regular intervals keeps you "FOCUSSED" till the very end. Director duo have succeeded in evoking interest in the proceedings till the end though some of the stuffs like the gambling happening inside the football stadium was interesting but logicless and nonsense one.
Screenplay especially the dialogues helps the movie quite a lot. Also when the romance between Nicky and Jess reach a stage evoking boredom, the fun element helps to regain momentum. Add to it the surprising twists to take the plot forward.
Will Smith played the character of Nicky with smartness and stylishness to make it look good on screen. Same way Margot Robbie as Jess was equally good and she also made sure the character looked sexy enough when the situations demanded. Adrian Martinez playing Farhad and Nickey's associate did the humour side quite successfully while Gerald McRaney and Rodrigo Santoro appeared towards the latter stages of the film but still the two performed well doing justice to their respective characters.
Overall, Focus is a fun filled romantic con movie and with the surprises it has on offer makes it a decent one time watchable flick. The rating is three out of five.
Rating - 3 / 5

CHAPPiE Movie Review

Neill Blomkamp will have to think it differently and move out from this Robotic genre next time he thinks about making a movie. Seriously, its getting repetitive from the director of District 9 and Elysium as his third film CHAPPiE does not give much excitement except may be the final half hour of the film. Other than this portion, rest of the film is a disappointment that mostly run on borrowed ideas and stuffs seen many times in many other robotic movies.
The film is set in South Africa, Johannesburg to be specific where Robotic Police Unit is patrolling the city and looking after their security needs. Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) is the man who is behind these artificially created Intelligence and crime prevention robotic units.
Deon is trying his best to create a robot which is more humane in nature but he can't execute his plans due to some restrictions from the Technology company he works for. At the same a group of gangsters unable to run their business threaten Deon to create something similar for them to take advantage of this. This leads to the creation of CHAPPiE from a damaged robot, a robot that can think and act like a human being. In summary CHAPPiE is a robot more with human personality. Events that unfold in Johannesburg after the creation of CHAPPiE is what rest of the film showcase.
The writing seems a bit dragging especially in the middle portion and since the concept is a worn out one, there is nothing much to excite and keeps you engaged till the end. Some of the characters are also half baked especially the one played by Hugh Jackman. Occasional fun and action is there but in totality the film with all its cliches runs out of steam to end on a high.
On screen, Dev Patel enacted his role of the Intelligent Deon working in the technology company with ease while Hugh Jackman seems to be a wasted character in the antagonist role. The guys and one lady from the gangsters group of three was okay with rest of the supporting actors. Technically, i would say the visual effects were packaged well and camera work and edits were also fine but that doesn't make any big deal to lift the film overall and give a life to CHAPPie the movie.
I didn't find this movie anything close in the range of an average one and for an entertaining robotic experience, there are better Robotic movies that you can watch again and again. The rating is a disappointing two out of five for Neill Blomkamp's third movie that is more of a childish stuff in a bigger canvas.
Rating - 2 / 5