Ab Tak Chappan 2 Review

What could have been a decent thriller gets spoiled by lack of a proper story and poor execution. Even with Nana Patekar with his trademark and inimitable style tries his best, Ab Tak Chappan 2 fails to engage at any point of time. There are moments and one liners on the dialogue side but a thriller demands certain basic requirements like proper story, suspense and above all some twists in the storyline to take the movie forward. ATC 2 lacks on all these fronts.

Taking off from the first part that happened way back in 2004 where Sadhu Agashe, an encounter cop is leading a quiet life in a remote village in Goa to protect his son from the enemies. He doesn't want his son to face the same fate as his wife who was killed that happened in the prequel. Increased presence of the underworld in Mumbai force Chief Minister and Home Minister to bring back Sadhu to counter Mumbai mafia operated by Rauf Lala and Rawale. Initially hesitant, Sadhu takes up the challenge but what he ultimately face is something that he never expected.

Sloppy direction is one area that let down the film. Add to it the disappointing work on the technical front and a proper screenplay. As said, the suspense part is not convincing and expecting some serious turn of events doesn't happen. The climax you can say has some sort of twists but it gave a feel of a forced happening unlike a natural turn of event that would have been a big surprise creating a bigger impact.

Nana Patekar deliver what he is at best but poor man even with his excellent screen presence and dialogue delivery could not raise the film. If at all the movie is watchable, it is only because of this actor. Ashutosh Rana was good in his role while Gul Panag doesn't have much to do here in a male dominated movie.

Cinematography was really poor and same is the case with editing. These two areas complimented well in creating an unpleasant viewing experience. Background score though initially was good, the same set of tunes were repeated which was disappointing.

Ab Tak Chappan 2 should be a pale shadow of its critically acclaimed predecessor. You can watch it only if you are a hardcore fan of Nana Patekar or else give it a skip. A very generous two out of five as my personal rating.

Rating - 2 / 5

Dum Laga Ke Haisha Review

Here is a love story. It doesn't end here as the story do have something different to tell unlike the usual Bollywood love dramas. Dum Laga Ke Haisha is not the typical love story that we see very often. It has something fresh to say. Had some more care been taken with the second half and also with the predictable climax, this film had everything in it to scale greater heights. Even then, this Sharat Kataria directed film is a decent entertainer, a small but beautiful film narrating a story that breaks the conventional love story mould and definitely one you should not miss.

The story revolves around Prem Prakaah and Sandhya hailing from a small town of Haridwar in North India. Prem much to his dislike and some extreme pressure and force from his parents marry Sandhya. The thing here is that Sandhya is overweight physically and Prem find it unable to accept her as well her physique. Sandhya on the other hand loves her hubby so much expecting the same from him in return which sadly do not happen. Ultimately they are on the verge of divorce. Will they separate ways or can the young couple sort their differences and reunite? That's what rest of the movie is all about.

The first half here is the real crux of the movie and is really exciting and entertaining. But the same level of energy is lacking post intermission and the story goes very predictable especially how things all end up. The film is very short in duration and less than two hours but even then some trimming of unwanted scenes in the second half would have done good for the film. All these doesn't make DLKH a bad film. It is a highly watchable and entertaining movie that has something different to tell.

Ayushman has delivered the results and as Prem he makes the character look natural and real. Sanjay Mishra, Seema Pahwa and Sheeba Chaddha are the notable actors who were spot on with their simple acting. But the one who really stole the show from the rest is Bhumi Pednekar portraying Sandhya. For a newcomer she was more than perfect in every sense and her onscreen chemistry with Ayushman really worked positively for the movie.

Beautiful cinematography and simple background score do help the film. Music play a very prominent part and Anu Malik has done a nice job. It was heartening to see Kumar Sanu making a comeback and singing few songs. He also makes a cameo appearance towards the end.

Overall, Dum Laga Ke Haisha is a well crafted film that show how relationship can get a change for the better. A good entertainer with its heart at the right place, I go with three and a half out of five and recommend it for your weekend movie masti.

Rating - 3.5 / 5