Dulquer Salman Lovers watch this for GOOSEBUMPS

Dulquer Salman is definitely the next superstar Kerala is going to have. The new bread of Malayalam actors including him is definitely going to take the Malayalam film industry to new heights. Dulquer salmaan is blessed with fans all over India. This video will be a treat to watch for any movie lover who likes Dulquer and his movies.


Given a chance, we all would like to travel back in life to make the necessary corrections for whatever wrongdoings we have done. Baar Baar Dekho has such a story where life gives a second chance to its hero to correct himself for the wrong way he chose. Time Travel as a concept and thought is a good choice but when it came to this movie, apart from the interesting concept, there is nothing else in it. BBD is uninteresting, lacklustre and lacks energy in it. A dull film with no life in it, the movie by all means is an underwhelming experience.

Jai Verma and Diya Kapoor are the two people whose life is discussed in the movie. They are childhood friends and decides to get married though the male protagonist had some confusion over his future on starting a new phase in his life. On the eve of his wedding, Jai gets into a minor fight with his fiancee and gets drunk.

The next day, when he wakes up, to his utter dismay finds that ten days have already elapsed since he got married and he is now in Thailand spending his honeymoon. This process continue and moves ahead to another thirty years as the movie shift from past and future based on the time travel concept.

The present generation doesn't care for certain things in their life considering those as unimportant. But actually those minor things will have far-reaching consequences in our life. It is this aspect that the makers have tried to say in a dull manner.

Idea of time travel is quite good on the story part but the screenplay doesn't have the punch in it to make a pleasing experience while watching the movie. Literally it is a weak and lifeless script that provide a bad experience. What the movie wanted to convey was appreciable but how it was showed didn't have that flair in it to give a much needed facelift to BBD. Characters lacked any depth in it while the dialogues were overly dramatic at times.

Sidharth Kapoor plays Jai Verma and Katrina Kaif fills the role of Diya Kapoor. The character of Jai is a confused one and the role gets aged too with the passage of time. Apart from doing extra make-up for looking aged and matured, the actor in Sidharth was found wanting in many areas on the acting part. Just like his confused character, the acting also was in a confused state. There was something missing in his performance. Katrina Kaif was okay as Diya though we have seen her doing much better. Sarika plays Jai's mother while Ram Kapoor plays Diya's father and even though both of them had only minor part to play, their efforts were noticeable.

Ravi.K.Chandran is the man who has handled the camera department with elegance. The frames and visuals had a rich tone in it. Music was also good with few peppy numbers. Same goes for the effective background score which was used only in a limited way.

The settings have a glossy feel, thanks to the beautiful camera work, the concept looked good and the music scene came up with some fine tunes but there ends the positive side of Baar Baar Dekho. Nitya Mehra who was part of few Hollywood flicks (Life of Pi is one among them) as an assistant gave more focus on the visual beauty of the film than the presentation of the story thereby making her debut experience as an independent director not a sweet one.

Rating - 2 / 5