Star Trek Beyond - Review

Star Trek Beyond is a worthy sequel and is an overwhelming experience by any means. The sci-fi film is action packed with lots of fun with good feel on the visual side as well. Having seen and closely followed the television series when it was aired on our National Channel years back, Star Trek is one name which is very close to me. So didn't had any second thoughts for watching this part which is the third installment of the reboot series.

The USS Enterprise is forced to crash-land on an unfamiliar territory after a deadly attack happen in the outer space by Krall and his beastly team who are on the lookout for a valuable artifact which is somewhere hidden in the spaceship. Now it is upto Captain Kirk, Spock and rest of the crew to fight against these aliens to save themselves and save their race. Star Trek Beyond shows how Captain Kirk and his team execute their plans to defeat the deadly Krall and his army of creatures.

Doing total justice to the previous two versions of the reboot series and at the same time retaining the essence and feel of all the series, Star Trek Beyond is heavily loaded with action and violence. There is also considerable amount of fun the film has on offer making it really enjoyable.

While it was J.J. Abrams who directed the first two parts titled Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, it is Justin Lin who is more famous for making the Fast & Furious series getting the opportunity to hold the megaphone in the third installment. Believe me, Lin has done total justice to the franchise in making a visually good sci-fi film which the fans of this series can accept without any inhibition.

The length at two hours is a little more but that doesn't play a part in making the film looks dull nor does it cast a bad shadow on the overall proceedings. There is good movement in the plot and at no time does the film become boring. Screenplay takes care of that part giving lot of life and energy aided by plenty of action keeping the momentum on the up always.

Excellent CGI complimented by good background score, spectacular visuals of the space, taut screenplay and neat direction and of course plenty of action and that too some of them running to more time than we expect are some of the major highlights of this reboot.

On the acting side, Chris Pine, Zackary Quinto, Karl Urban playing Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr.Bones lit up the screen with their totally convincing acts. Rest of the actors supported them with humourous as well as serious acts that helped the film in its cause in a positive way.

One area of disappointment for me was seeing Idris Elba in a prosthetic makeover for almost ninety five percent of the film which I have to accept on the fact that it is as per the demands of the character. I would have loved to see him in his original looks but for Krall to be effective, that prosthetic appearance was a necessity. Still his voice was able to make a good impression inspite of his face being covered up.

Providing lot of scope for ample enjoyment as a Sci-fi film, Star Trek Beyond is something that you should not miss if you are one who is closely following the series. Even if not, you would find it a thrilling film with uninterrupted action, firework and pace. I go with three and a half out of five for this reboot series and expecting more films with some exciting stories from the franchise.

Rating - 3.5 / 5

Lights Out - Review

"FROM PRODUCER JAMES WAN DIRECTOR OF THE CONJURING". This was projected on the posters of Lights Out, the horror film directed by David.F.Sandberg. James Wan's name was the sole factor pushing me to theatre for watching Lights Out even though he was involved only on the production side and not the man wielding the megaphone. Anyway, the experience turned out to be highly rewarding and satisfying. 

Lights Out is a spine chilling movie that hits bulls eye as far as its objective is concerned. It makes you really scared and unsettled once the evil element gets its presence in the film.

Its too difficult to scare you these days as majority of films belonging to the horror genre in its desperate attempt to make a fearful impact on the audience mind fails miserably by following the age old clich├ęd methods. A notable exception on this front are directors like James Wann who somehow find some means to create fear in the minds of people watching it.

The story basically has three principal characters namely Sophie, her daughter Rebecca and young son Martin. Rebecca's boy friend Bret too joins the party at a later stage. There is a chance of revealing some critical elements on the spoiler side and hence putting a full stop to the plot by saying that the movie focus on some psychological as well as external fears created by a frightening entity on this family.

The basic thread and concept of Lights Out is taken from a 2013 short film with the same name directed by David.F.Sandberg. The attempt to make it a full length feature film borrowing that little thread from that short film is really commendable and hats off to the man behind the screenplay Eric Heisserer.

They have presented the film making sure that a terrifying feel is maintained right throughout. The pace is slow but that doesn't stop in offering some spine chilling and horrifying experience to the audience. Sound does play a vital part in creating the mood of this genre and hence the advice is to watch it on the big screen itself to get a complete feel of it.

Performances also played a pivotal role here. Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Maria Bello and Alexander DiPersia played the characters of Rebecca, Martin, Sophie and Bret with lot of vigour putting in sincere acting efforts supporting the screenplay. The lady who acted in the short film (not sure of her name) also makes an appearance in a cameo role.

Lights Out is a must watch film if you love this genre. I can assure you that the presentation is quite different and there is darkness combined with thrills and fear to make the film an effective one. I am giving three and a half out of five for Lights Out. Go for it is the final word.

Rating - 3.5 / 5