FAN movie review

FAN, well we all are of many things, activities, movie superstars, sports and political personalities etc etc. Fan the film has one such character named Gaurav who is obsessed with Superstar Aaryan Khanna that makes him live his life under the influence of the actor which makes him forget his own life.
The film is made of a well executed and promising first half with a standout performance from Sharukh Khan. But the latter half though watchable could not live upto the promises of the first seventy minutes or so. Had the screenplay been better in the final stages and was able to compliment the better looking pre-interval session, Fan could have ended up in a better way and better shape.
Gaurav, a youth hailing from the suburbs of Delhi is fond of actor Aaryan Khanna. "To be fond of" will be too light and too small a description to explain the love he has for the superstar. Its much more than that as he is a hardcore fan and a lookalike of Aaryan. He decides to go and meet the actor in person but when the going does not move as the way he planned, the fan in him gets obsessive and dangerous. He plots the actor's downfall exploiting his similarity in looks.
Well you might me thinking why I have explored too much into the storyline. Its because what I have explained here is almost the same thing that was shown in the trailer too. I don't know why they revealed too much as it was an easy guessing game about the plot if one has seen Fan's trailer.
There is nothing more and nothing less in the film as the basic thread in the story revolves around the Fan following the superstar in the first half that turns upside down in the second half as it is the superstar's turn to follow his fan for obvious reasons.
In my opinion, the film deserved a better finishing and a more impressive second half. What happened here was that the screenplay turned weak as the movie progressed from the halfway mark. One could sense a light hearted and careless approach to finish off things in a hurry that puts the film on a sticky wicket.
On the performance side, it was vintage Sharukh Khan. As Gaurav he proves that the actor in him is still alive. One could never see SRK in Gaurav as he made sure that this character stands different from the real SRK.
When it came to Aaryan Khanna that has complete makeover of Sharukh's real self, it was another effort that looked totally convincing. Read in a newspaper the other day an interview of the actor saying that for him portraying Aaryan was more tougher than Gaurav. Well seeing things, I have to contradict him. Respecting his experience and views but looking at the way he has handled both Gaurav and Aaryan, I think depicting Gaurav was more complicated than Aaryan.
Yogendra Tikku and Deepika Amin are the supporting actors playing parents to Gaurav who have something to act apart from SRK. Few more supporting actors are there with limited roles but I am not family with their names.
Fan is not a total washout but it could have been far far better. The movie had a great thread in it to show something exceptional and it was evident till the halfway stage. But it could not capitalise on its initial promise and ended up on the brink of an average film even with some exceptional performance from the lead actor of whom I myself is a big fan. My rating is two and a half out of five for Maneesh Sharma's FAN, the movie.
Rating - 2.5 / 5

Jungle Book movie review

Some films have the power in it to mesmerise us and have an ability to transport the audience to another world. Gravity in the recent past was one such film that transported us to a virtual space. The Jungle Book also has a similar feel where the viewers are taken not to space but to a deep and dense forest. Simply put its an awesome film with unbelievable visual beauty in it giving a brilliant feel waving an air of magic all around.
A kid who has grown up in the 90's would be eager to watch The Jungle Book. Having seen the animated version in DD in those days, the question in my mind was whether it has matched up to the hype and to my expectation. Well its a big yes and more than that.
On a bigger canvas with the aid of technology coming to its side in the form of CGI and Motion Capture, the film is a top class one suitable for people of all ages. Add to these the voices given by some of the best in business helping the film to make it one of the best in this genre.
So we have Mowgli an orphan found out as an infant by the the black panther Bageera who entrust him to the Wolves. He grow up under the care of Raksha and Akela. Situation reach a stage where Sher Khan the Tiger wants him dead as for him man is forbidden in his world. Thus goes the story and the journey of Mowgli to the man village that ends up Mowgli coming back to where he grew up.
The Jungle Book is a visually appealing fantasy adventure in every sense that has matched upto its hype in almost every department. The pace is quick with some edge of the scenes making your viewing experience highly engaging and rewarding.
Now to Neel Sethi, the twelve year old boy enacting the role of Mowgli. He fitted into that character with lot of ease and never would one feel that he was acting. So natural that his effort needs to be appreciated in a big way.
The voices to the characters from some top class actors complimented the boy's effort with such perfection. Bill Murray, Idris Elba, Ben Kingsley, Scarlett Johansson lending their voices for Baloo, Sher Kan, Bhageera and Kaa the snake respectively gave the film additional flavour. Technically excellent CGI work overall with some of the scenes having a mind blowing feel.
There are scary scenes too giving the film a dark tone to it. So in my opinion the censor board giving a U/A certificate for the film was apt as the those scenes demands children to view The Jungle Book with their parents by their side.
The final conclusion from me is that with its nostalgic value, impressive visual effects and stellar voices this movie matches the best of the league. Go and grab your tickets for this must watch film to make this weekend extra special. I am going with four out of five for Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book which was a pure delight with its execution and stunning visual effects.
Rating - 4 / 5