X Men Days of Future Past Review

The latest X-men series movie titled Days of Future Past and directed by Bryan Singer is action packed and has not gone overboard on the special effect factor but the story is bit of a complex one to follow. Also with quite a number of characters appearing every now and then it is a bit difficult to follow the happenings on screen. I have been hearing from some sources that this is the best film among the X-men series which I cannot fully endorse as for me the best one till date is X-Men First class followed by X2.

In Days of future past, the present Mutants join together to go to the past and change an event that have an impact on their present existence. So we have Wolverine at the request of Professor X travel to the early part of 1970's to meet Charles and Erik. Helped by Kitty Pryde, Wolverine is transferred into that year for completing the mission.

Mystique is included in the plot as she is out there to eliminate Dr.Boliver Trask who wants to eliminate and completely destroy the mutants and wipe them out.

Bryan Singer the director has ensured that the movie is a good one watchable for all including the fans of the series. And Days of Future past is a worthy successor to all the prequels despite the complexity in the storyline.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine with his screen presence takes the film forward while the lady character Mystique adds the entertainment value in terms of action and pace. Michael Fassbender as Teutonic was also impressive among the casts. Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen and James McAvoy also formed part of the supporting casts.

Overall, the present sequel won't disappoint you and is definitely a notable successor to the X-men series. My rating is 3.5 / 5.

P.S - Don't leave the cinema hall once the end title credits start rolling down. Wait for it to finish and there is something to watch out for once the title credits are shown.

How Old Are You Malayalam movie Review

A women centric feel good movie watchable for everyone, that's How Old Are You, the latest flick from the combination of Roshan Andrews and Bobby Sanjay team. I should say this is one of the best female oriented movie to come out of Mollywood in recent times and one of the perfect film for the family after the hugely successful Drishyam. That's strictly my opinion which others might disagree.

The film revolves around Nirupama a Govt employee, her husband Rajeev and their only daughter. Nirupama has big dreams that she confines within herself to meet the demands of family life. A particular incident connected with her daughter change her life forever. This is just the basic synopsis which I am not going to elaborate further.

For Manju Warrier, can't ask for a better launchpad for her second innings as the script by Bobby Sanjay has been focused right on her with many moments to perform and on screen she looked totally comfortable facing the camera after a long span. Having due respect for all the actresses we have in currently in Mollywood, I believe no other actress in the present generation would have been able to do a convincing role like how Manju portrayed Nirupama.

Kunchacko Boban played the husband's part too well to make his presence felt though the focus was more on the female protagonist.

Direction by Roshan Andrews is perfect well aided by the script of Bobby Sanjay. On the technical front, Gopi Sundar's background score is one of the main highlight giving tunes perfectly matching the situations. Cinematography and editing to deserved a mention here that helped the film look fine on screen.

There is a long list of supporting casts and among them Muthumani, Kunjan, Kalarenjini, Sethulekshmi, Thesni Khan, Edavela Babu, Kaniha, Lalu Alex, Sudheer Karamana and Vinay Fort impressed. The girl who played Manju's daughter was fine but at times the dubbing seemed artificial. Not sure if I have missed out any names and as said earlier, its a long list of supporting casts such that chances are there to miss out one or two.

On the whole, How Old Are You won't disappoint you and I am giving a big thumbs up to Roshan and his team to come up with such a subject. So the summary here is don't ever decide the expiry date of a women's dream.
My rating is 3.75 / 5.