Maheshintay Prathikaaram malayalam movie review

Out of the two releases this weekend, this one was keeping a low profile with limited publicity. Being an underdog when compared to the other one, Dileesh Pothen's Maheshintay Prathikaaram gets a very silent release without any fanfare.
About this film produced by Aashiq Abu, it has a very simple storyline and is presented in a very simple way. The situations without any melodramas and noisy moments makes one satisfied after watching. Yes for me it was a satisfying experience providing good humour and no dramas. There is no tension while watching and at the same time no pressure as well. You can sit through in a relaxed fashion and see the protagonist taking revenge as said in the title but not in the usual way we have seen when it comes to taking revenge on a person.
Location is our beautiful Idukki where our protagonist Mahesh is a photographer running a studio. He is in love with his childhood sweetheart Sowmya. At some point, the film has s turning point from where the story is taken further.
Dialogues are not complex and characters are that we see in villages. There is utmost sincerity in each and every character that we see in a typical village life something that is eluding us since the change in lifestyle is taking away all such things.
The backdrop through which the story is presented is all too familiar to us. There is light humour,there are some emotional moments and there is romance too. So its a good package bottled well for a decent watch with family.
One would find that the pace is on the slower side and the film gets an abrupt ending. But according to me, that unexpected ending is a different one. No one would expect that the film is getting a full stop there but had they taken the film further, it would be an exaggerated one and in the process it could have lost its natural flavour.
Director Dileesh Pothen who is making his debut can definitely keep his head high. He has done a neat job with the script he had on offer and executed it very sincerely. Nice visualisation of a simple and lighthearted theme.
Fahadh Fazil who is going through a lean patch at the box office, has chosen a good screenplay in Maheshintay Prathikaaram. As the protagonist, he was able to emote really well in conveying the innocence of the character. Anusree played her part as Sowmya, Mahesh's love interest. Shoubin Shahir in his trademark style came and conquered our hearts as Crispy.
Alencier Ley impressed among the supporting actors. Lot of newcomers are introduced by Dileesh. Among them Aparna Balamurali as Jincy was natural in her acting. The guy who did the role of Jinson was also a good choice and didn't look as if he was facing the camera.
Shyju Khalid was impressive with his camera work and his visuals of the beautiful Idukki was an added bonus for Maheshintay Prathikaaram. Same goes for Bijipal's music. Idukki song is remarkably written, tuned and visualised on screen. Sound mixing and design stood out. Edits were also okay.
On the whole, this is an honest approach from Dileesh and his team. Anyone from a family can sit through and relax watching this light hearted film. Humour, songs, romance, emotions are all there put together quite well. I am very much satisfied and going with three and a half out of five for Maheshintay Prathikaaram and a thumbs up to its director.
കമ്മോൺ മിസ്റ്റർ ദിലീഷ്!!!
Rating - 3.5 / 5

Action Hero Biju Malayalam Movie Review

A ride with a police officer says the tag line of the film "Action Hero Biju" directed by "1983" fame Abrid Shine. But the ride will not be that smooth if you are expecting a tough police story .
The film that has Nivin Pauly donning the police uniform for the first time in his brief but successful career adopt a realistic mode right through the entire running time of one hundred and forty five minutes.
There is nothing to boast about on the story side. Justifying the tag line, the plot just show various cases that Biju Paulose had to handle as a Sub-Inspector of a local Janamaithri Police Station. How he handles them conveying the character inside him is what is Action Hero Biju all about.
In trying to tell such a wafer thin storyline, the problem that the film faces is after the initial part a monotonous feel is felt with nothing much happening. By halfway a sort of incompleteness is felt and one could wonder where the movie is heading towards. A slender hope of something really twisting in the story will happen remain. But we have to accept the fact that its not what we usually see in a cop movie.
Some of the cases like the one Biju faces that have Suraj Venjaramud in the picture and also the one where Rohini plays an important part at one stage will touch our heart and at the same time presented well with lot of emotions involved.
Something is there to be taken as a message too and some lesson are also there right at the end where the film recognises the efforts of police officers who are faced with political pressure while handling cases which is very much true and which we are seeing in front of us.
Humour is there in limited dose and it has worked positively at some places while at some places it looked odd. There was some good laughs when the film took a dig at today's new generation hunks, the ones with those typical hairstyles. And I could see some of the guys inside the theatre with those attire and looks laughing to these scenes.
Nivin Pauly as a police officer didn't go overboard and tried his best as police officer but honestly I felt it was too much for him at some places. This was mostly felt when he had to shout and make some lengthy dialogues. The thing is those scenes were critical to the overall scheme of things and hence it was slightly disappointing.
Anu Emmanuel, poor girl was just casted for namesake as she doesn't have no role to play except appearing in one or two scenes and appearing in that beautiful song. Saiju Kurup, Major Ravi, Joju George, Jude Anthony Joseph, Sohan Seenulal, Kalabhavan Prajod, Rohini and a few unfamiliar actors are part of the supporting actors who did their roles well. Suraj Venjaramud was able make a lasting impression from a brief role. Same is the case with Rohini.
I would say the biggest plus point and highlight of the movie are its songs. The one sung by Yesudas and Vani Jayaram has a soothing effect with its melodious tone and nostalgic feel. The visuals add to the beauty of this song to make us watch this song again. All credits to Jerry Amaldev. A word of appreciation for the sync sound team for the effort they have put in.
In a nutshell I would say the film is a different police story narrated with a realistic approach. Its not the cop film that we are used to see. So those looking for such stuffs will be a disappointed lot. Kudos to Abrid Shine for trying something different but how many of us are ready to accept these changes is the big question.
People looking for real story and guys like me who dig too much for the story part will find nothing in here as this is one film that doesn't give any importance for that. In other words, AHB is not a subject oriented movie. An average experience for me and going with the rating of two and a half out of five.
Rating - 2.5 / 5
P.S - Not the usual police story and not a revenge drama with heavy action. Keep this in mind and lower your expectation level before watching this experimental film.