Su Su Sudhi Valmeekam Malayalam Movie Review

A movie that more than justify its tagline, thats Ranjith Shankar's Su.. Su.. Sudhi Valmeekam. The tagline says "Su+Su+Sudhi=Two Hours and Eleven Minutes of Happiness" and the film provide happiness and good positive energy. Its all the more heartwarming to note that the story is based on a true character who is close to the director himself.
Very few films these days can provide motivation and inspiration to the people watching it and Ranjith Shankar's latest flick belong to that genre of a film that oozes out these two factors for the entire running time without any drama or unwanted tensions.
Narrated in a very simple manner, the story is based on a real life character who has stammering disorder. Sudhi, the protagonist always find this a problem wherever he goes. Majority of this problem is created by the society by poking fun and also taking the stammering disorder as something big.
The film portray how he overcome the hurdles and transfer into a successful human being. In the process, certain people comes into picture playing a part in this transformation which is narrated beautifully through a well written screenplay.
Ranjith Shankar and Jayasurya join together after the success of Punyalan Agarbatis which had humour in the backdrop. So there are chances the viewers go with an expectation of such a film with fun element. But humour has very little or no presence here as the story doesn't demand such things though little dose of light hearted moments from Sunil Sugadha is there for some laughs.
The story is told by Sudhi himself to actor Mukesh who play himself and through a journey the plot takes its shape which doesn't lag or make one uncomfortable with a dull feel though the pace at which the events unfold is quite slow.
Jayasurya is in fine form as Sudhi and it was a perfect casting as the actor has brilliantly portrayed the character justifying the faith of the director in casting him. When portraying characters with physical disabilities and disorders, there are chances the acting not synching well with the character. But such a case here is out of question as we have a talented actor portraying that role.
Shivatha Nair made a convincing act as Kalyani. There is another girl also that has a small part to play and she was also a good choice. KPAC Lalitha, TG Ravi, Sunil Sugatha, Muthumani and Irshad are also there to support. Mukesh as himself impressed in an extended cameo. Aju Varghese this time was not in a comic role and his serious act was okay.
Vinod Illampally who earlier impressed me in Padmakumar's Jalam put in another notable work on the cinematography side. Edits were okay. Bijipal was able to come up with couple of good songs to his credit with matching background score.
Overall, Su..Su..Sudhi Valmeekam is a feel good family film that we can watch in a relaxed state of mind and offer lot of good things. It makes us change our attitude in a positive way without the tone of any preachings. I was impressed with the story, direction, treatment and good performance from Jayasurya. The message conveyed through a true story is something which we all can take back home and the rating is three and a half out of five.
Rating - 3.5 / 5

Rajamma @ Yahoo Malayalam Movie Review

Rajamma @ Yahoo, the catchy title give an impression of an all out and rollicking fun entertainer but in reality the fun part is there only in limited dose. Whatever humour and entertainment is there work only in parts.
There are moments of light hearted humour that can tickle the funny bone but the change of story from certain stage avoiding humour and replacing it with an out of place serious drama spoil the party for Reghu Rama Varma's debut outing Rajamma @ Yahoo that could not offer a fresh story nor treatment other than an attractive title.
Rajamma and Yahoo (nicknames of characters played by Kunchacko and Asif Ali respectively) are two brothers who lost their parents at a very young age leaving them with no one to look after other than few local people. The boys grew up in a huge house bought by their father which they cannot dispose off due to documentation problems. But the brothers earn their livelihood by renting out rooms of this huge house. One such renting lands them in some sort of trouble and connect them to some serious stuff.
Till the halfway mark, humour and fun in the script kept things moving but the introduction of the film where the brothers give a helping hand to the leading lady supporting her cause turned the tables around. From there the script turned out to be a pretty easy guessing game with too much cliches. There was scope for something good where the laziness and spoilt life style of the two protagonists could have been worked to the film's advantage but here it is a classic case of how such a chance is wasted.
As I said, there was ample scope for an all and out comedy entertainer exploiting the characters of Rajamma and Yahoo. But here what happened was their story was sidelined and the prominence angle shifted to someone and something else. Even the humour part I won't say have worked out completely. Some did evoke laugh while majority of the jokes fell apart.
Kunchacko Boban and Asif Ali made a great combination and sadly the director and the writing team could not take full advantage of their onscreen chemistry. Nikki Galrani didn't look comfortable in a half baked role but Anusree was able to make a mark for herself.
Hareesh in his typical slang and style was a saving grace and made sure his comic act was well accepted by the audience. Renji Panicker was okay while Shajon did a pretty good job but somewhere along the line, he goes missing from the scene.
Camera work was pretty decent. Editing was okay with some cuts not doing any good for the film. Music and background score from Bijipal was disappointing this time, which was quite surprising.
Overall, its a disappointing end result. Comedy and fun is what we expect from such films but sidelining that and bringing a predictable and uninteresting plot midway leaves the film on a sore note. The rating is one and a half out of five for Rajamma @ Yahoo, a film that has nothing to boast about.
Rating - 1.5 / 5